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Reduce your stress and your pain with massage therapy, kinesitherapy or orthotherapy

Feel stressed or weighed down? Massage Therapy compliments your health and well-being.

Massage Therapy Massotherapist


Massage Therapy relaxes the body and mind in order to create optimal conditions for health. No machine can replace an expert hand guided by a scientific mind.


Do you suffer muscle and joint aches and pain? Kinesitherapy is a cutting edge alternative medicine.

Kinesitherapy Kinesitherapist


Kinesitherapy is a treatment based on movement. This technique evaluates the entire pathology as a holistic system, aiming to help the body part regain normal movement without pain.


Don’t know where to turn for pain relief Orthotherapy aims to achieve biomechanical balance.

Orthotherapy Orthotherapist


Orthotherapy aims to relieve muscle and joint pain often caused by faulty posture, sudden movements, blows, falls, accidents or physical inactivity.

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